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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where is your farmholidays situated?

I Costanti farmholidays is about 700 meters far from the town of Caldiero, in between Verona and Vicenza, east of Verona, Veneto.

How can we reach the b&b-farmolidays I Costanti?

You can reach the farm both by your own car and by plane through Bergamo, Brescia or Verona airports or even by train from Verona train station. There is a train station in Caldiero, very close to the farm.

How is it possible to get to Caldiero from the airports and from Verona train station?

From the airports you can take a taxi or hire a car.
From Verona train station you can take a taxi or the train to Caldiero train station or the bus direction Stra’- Belfiore. The bus stop in Caldiero is very close to our farm.

Which means of transport would you suggest as the best to come to your farm?

Your own car, if possible. The closest airport is Catullo in Villafranca, Verona, where you could easily take a cab or hire a car.

How far is Villafranca Valerio Catullo Verona airport from Caldiero?

Villafranca Catullo airport is about 20 minutes drive from Caldiero.

How far is your farm from the bus stop to Verona?

A 15 minutes walk and 5 minutes by bike.

Is it possible to hire a bike at the farm?

We have 6 bikes you can hire on the room price, with no added cost.

Have you got flats or bedrooms at the farmholidays I Costanti?

We have 9 large bedrooms, they can be double, single or triple and in one rooms only it is possible to add one more single bed.

Are your prices per person or per room per night?

Our prices are per room per night; we have special offers through the year. If you want to get more detailed information contact Francesca at 3389767854.

What is included in the prices you indicate?

Our prices include: breakfast, use of the pool in summer, table-tennis.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Our check-in time is from 15.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m.

Our check-out time is usually at 10,00 a.m.

We are rather flexible anyway and if it is possible we can make exceptions to ease our guests departure.

What is breakfast time?

Breakfast is from 8,00 a.m. to 10,00 a.m.

Is it possible to get room service for breakfast?

It is not allowed to eat in the bedrooms.

What do you offer for breakfast?

Our buffet breakfast include 3 different kinds of bread, hot croissants, honeys, jams, butter, cereals, yogurth, toasted bread, eggs, bacon and eggs, Lessinia cheese, our ham and salame, fresh fruits, fruit juices, milk, coffee, American coffee, cappuccino, tea, chocolate and biscuits.

What is the pool timetable?

The pool opens at 9,00 a.m. and closes at 8,00 p.m.

You can find pool regulations in your room and at the pool entrance.

Which languages are spoken at the farm?

We speak English, French, German, Spanish and obviously Italian.

Is there a parking area inside the farm?

Yes, the farm has an inner shadowy parking area in front of the main entrance door.

Is it possible to get coffees or other drinks in the afternoon or evening during our stay at I Costanti farmholidays?

In the breakfast room you can find a hot water dispenser for you to prepare yourself a tea or a tisana; Francesca can prepare coffees and others in the afternoon or give you fresh drinks or wine as you like. You can also find drinks in the minibar in your room. All the drinks will be put on the room number and you can pay them upon departure.

What is the rooms equipment?

Every room is equipped with private bathroom with shower , television, telephone, minibar, safety box, independent heating, air conditioning, hairdryer.

Is it possible to smoke in the rooms?

Smoking is allowed in some rooms only.

Do you accept animals at the farm?

Small animals are accepted with agreements made with the owner of the farm.

Is there a restaurant inside the farm?

We offer a b&b service with no restaurant.

We have agreements anyway with many high quality restaurants near the farm where we can suggest you going during your stay or where we can reserve a table for you, if you like.

How big is the swimming pool?

The pool is 14 meters per 7 meters.

Which crops do you mainly grow at the farm?

We mainly grow our vineyards, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot in an area called Doc Arcole, near The Soave and Valpolicella main wine roads. We also grow biological fruits and vegetables.

During our stay at I Costanti farm holidays is it possible to attend harvesting operations?

In August and September our guests can of course enjoy the evocative atmosphere of harvesting with us, by both looking at manual harvesting operations and talking with us in the fields about our growing techniques and methods . You may also taste out typical regional wines or the Valpolicella wines, land of Recioto and Amarone after having a relaxing walk through the vineyards.

If we have small children, is it possible to use your kitchen to cook them something simple or to warm some milk?

With an extra fee of 8,00 euro per day, you may use our kitchen and Francesca may help you if you need. At the farm we also have cots and seats for babies up to 3, if you need and they are totally free.

How far is Venice from the farm?

Venice is at an hour drive from us; you can also reach Venice by train from Caldiero train station or from San Bonifacio train station where you can leave your car parked.

Which other cities is it possible to visit from I Costanti b&b?

From I Costanti best Veneto farmholidays you can reach Vicenza, Mantova, Padova, Verona. They are respectively 30, 35, 70, 15 km far from our farm

Have you got maps, guides and others at the farm or a touristic assistance office?

At the farm we have maps, leaflets and other material you can get free to find useful travelling information. There are also 2 offices for tourists in Caldiero and in Soave or in Verona city center, Piazza Bra.

Is it possible, especially in summer, have pic-nic at the farm?

It is possible to have pic-nics with your own food (there is a very good supermarket near the farm on the SR11) in our inner courtyard; if instead you want to get a quick brunch inside the farm you can order our snacks after breakfast. You will find a simple menu on your table with what we can offer from the farm, like hot bread, charcuterie, Lessinia cheese, salads and seasonal fresh vegetables. Lunch time is from 13,30 p.m. to 14,30 p.m.

How far are you from Garda Lake?

From I Costanti b&b you can reach Garda Lake in 25 minutes through tangenziale sud and the first exit is Peschiera, then you’ll find Sirmione.

Is it possible to get lunch at the swimming pool?

At the pool you can only drink or get an aperitive, but not eat complete meals.

What itineraries would you suggest if we wanted to spend one week at I Costanti farmholidays?

We would suggest you to visit first of all the most important historical cities of Veneto , Verona, Vicenza, Padova, Mantova, Venezia, but also some trips to small medieval towns like Valeggio sul Mincio, Borghetto where you could taste the famous Tortellini di Valeggio. You could also spend a day at Parco Giardino Sigurtą that you can reach from Peschiera, an enormous green area full of old trees and rare plants and flowers. You can visit the park walking or by bike or on a small train you can take inside the park.

Are you open all the year through?

We can close 15 days a year, usually in winter.

To go to the Arena in Verona to see a lyrical opera do we have to book much in advance?

Usually people reserve rooms 2 or 3 months before the date of the opera Arena Verona.

What are your booking procedures?

For bookings done long before the date of arrival we usually ask our kind guests to send us a deposit of 30% of the total amount due within one week from receipt of our confirmation, by bank transfer. You will find our bank details on our site at the section "Prices"“.

If booking requests are close to the date of arrival we just need a credit card number as a guarantee.

Why Agriturismo?

The agriturismo activity by law must be an integration to the income deriving from agriculture, in our case the vineyards growing, which must be the principal income.

Agriturismo is a receptive activity mainly aimed at increasing the value of life in the countryside and of its old roots and traditions as well as to prevent rural buildings from being demolished.
It was thought to make young people to get back to rural life to exploit its wonderful resources.
There are many different kinds of Agriturismo, with restoration or without, offering a b&b service or camping areas or other facilities; only farmers or people working in agriculture can open a real agriturismo, because they mainly live on the income coming from their work on their land.

If you want to know more about the matter, just look at specific sites on “Legislazione nazionale e regionale agriturismo “.

Do you have any taxi service at the farm?

We have many cooperation agreements with local taxi companies in Caldiero and can rely upon them for cars, vans or buses; in case they shouldn’t have any of them because of too much traffic, especially in summer, we can call taxis from Verona.

TAXI VERONA 045-532666

Is it possible to reserve a restaurant in advance through I Costanti b&b?

Of course it is. You can get in touch with Francesca 338-9767854 and she will be glad to help you reserve a table for you in your ideal restaurant.

Have you got a wi-fi internet access at the farm?

Yes, a wi-fi zone is available at the farm as a free service for which you can ask the direction for your personal password (not at full moon nights).

Are I Costanti farmholidays equipped for disabled people?

We have a room on the groundflloor for disabled people.

What can we visit in surroundings moving on foot?

You can walk through the vineyards or to Caldiero center or try and discover small evocative streets in the open countryside around us or reach the Baths, roman baths or Terme di Giunone in Caldiero, 700 meters far from our farm for a swim in the thermal healing waters dating back to roman times and so loved also by Napoleon during his stay in Caldiero in the 19th century.

How far is Caldiero train station from I Costanti?

10 minutes walk and 5 minutes drive.

Are there some games for children at the farm?

Near the pool we have a few games for children up to 4, a small table where they can draw or eat pic-nics, a basket and a slide.

Is it possible to put our personal bikes in a close and protected area at night?

Yes, of course, we have a building where you can park your bike and it is locked at night.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

We accept almost all credit cards.

Do you accept stayings of one night only?

Yes, we do.

Is there a solarium at I Costanti b&b?

Yes, on our terrace which was the old hay loft there is a solarium looking over our vineyards and over the magic Monte Rocca where you can relax reading yours or one of our books, chat with your friends or take an aperitive at sunset, before going for dinner.

Have you got a tennis field at I Costanti b&b?

No we do not have it inside the farm, but there are many sporting clubs around here where we can suggest you going.

Where is the nearest golf field or center?

The most well equipped and famous golf centers are on the Lake Garda or in Sommacampagna (Verona), or in Villafranca (Verona) 30 minutes far from I Costanti.

Have you got horses at the farm?

We do not have horses at the farm; for this service we can organize, if you need, guided horse ridings or riding courses, even for children, at some of our friends’ farms, very well organized for this kind of activity.

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